How We Can Assist in Specialized Cargo

Specialized cargo with unique characteristics will require specialized care and handling, and sometimes regulation. For every unique characteristic and handling requirements your shipment needs, our specialty cargo team will guide you step-by-step to ensure proper handling for a safe and reliable delivery.

Break-Bulk Cargo

Don’t worry if your shipment cannot fit into a standard ocean container. Our team of break-bulk specialists will assist in providing the right solution for transporting your heavy and/or oversized goods. We’ll make sure to use the right tools and equipment to safely load and secure your cargo for smooth delivery.

Hazardous (DG) Cargo

Shipping and transporting hazardous goods can be an extremely dangerous and tricky process without the proper knowledge and experience. There are a lot of rules and regulations to be followed and so we make sure to only utilize trained and certified dangerous goods experts in order to correctly and properly handle all hazardous goods.

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