We at Zaisim Logistics offer a plethora of services at our warehouses!

  • Storage
  • In & out
  • Inventory control
  • Container loading & unloading
  • Block & brace
  • Palletize – relabeling
  • Crating – Pick & Pack
  • Line item checking
  • Cargo consolidation


If you’re planning on using a freight company to store your inventory, then this is when this service will come in handy. Depending on the volume your company experiences throughout the day, you may not have the man-power or the logistics available to deal with the amount of orders you have – especially during the busier months of the year. Choosing an efficient company to handle it for you can mean freeing up the time needed to increase production. Companies that specialize in warehouse & distribution have already worked out the complex matters of logistics, and can handle multiple companies at once based on a fluid system that maximizes productivity. You can also request customized order handling based on your particular business goals. For anyone who needs to have a sharp eye kept on their inventory at all times, this is a valuable service that comes with multiple benefits. It’s an extremely cost-effective solution for many business.

Our Services & Features

  • Satisfactory Shipping & Delivery. Consumers have high expectations with e-commerce businesses. We meet and exceed those high expectations with our quick delivery service, careful packaging, product condition examination, and status updates.
  • Web-Based WMS. Our comprehensive warehouse management system (WMS) will give you full control and visibility of your inventory at all times. As a web-based system, you’ll be able to monitor and view the status of pending and/or current orders, real-time inventory, and customized reports.
  • Competitive Rates. Finding ways to reduce costs in an e-commerce business can be extremely challenging. With hundreds of shipments going out each and every day, you’ll be able to take advantage of our volume rates and discounts for both trucking and courier services to stay competitiv